Fishing – 2018 Season

Fishing – 2017 Season

Photos from various 2017 fishing trips.

Fishing – 2016 Season

Photos from various 2016 fishing trips.

Fishing – 2015 Season

Photos from various 2015 fishing trips.

Fishing – 2014 Season

Photos from various 2014 fishing trips.

Fishing – 2013 Season

Photos from various 2013 fishing trips.

Fishing – 2012 Season

Photos from various 2012 fishing trips.

Fishing – 2011 Season

Photos from various 2011 fishing trips.

Fishing – 2010 Season

Photos from various 2010 fishing trips.

2009 Fishing – Miscellaneous Collection

Photos from various 2009 fishing trips.

Kenauk – Spring 2009

Photos from our 2009 spring trip to Kenauk.

A Collection of Turkeys

Wild turkeys visit our place quite regularly. They are such unusual birds and make good subject material to photograph.

Kenauk – Fall 2008

Our October trip was my third to the Kenauk.  This was my second fall trip so I was wondering how it would compare to fall 2007.

Kenauk – Spring 2008

We were back to Kenauk in June 2008.  This time I was at Lac Vert although I spent some time fishing at Sugarbush as well.  The image of rainbow trout was taken at Sugarbush.

Kenauk – Fall 2007

In October 2007 several of us from the Ottawa Flyfishers Society headed up to Fairmount Kenauk at Le Chateau Montebello.  We fished at two lakes – Lac Sugarbush and Lac Vert.  These photos were taken at Sugarbush.  The lake is stocked with rainbow trout and the fishing was great.

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