For some time I have been intrigued by the OPST’s Commando Head system for single hand rods. I have been particularly interested in the value for fishing larger flies and the variety of casting possibilities with skagit type systems. This video posted by OPST shows the range of possibilities with these lines.

So anyway, I was curious enough to add it to my Christmas list. I came away with at 200 grain OPST Commando Head that I intended to use with a nine foot 5 weight TFO Axiom rod I like use for smallmouth bass.

That was a few months ago and aside from fooling around with the line in the yard – which is not a good way to evaluate these lines, a couple nights ago was the first time I had was able to get the line out on the water.

In preparation they configuration I used included backing and running line to which the Commando Head was attached. To the business end, I attached a sinking polyleader and a short section of flourocarbon tippet. OPST sells a variety of tips which I think I will look into as an alternative to the polyleader (including floating tips). However this was the setup I had so off we went.

We have been having extremely hot temperatures with high humidity so it was great to get into the water for more reason than one.

There is good wading at this point in the river with lots of places for bass to hide among the rocks.

It didn’t take long to get the basic idea of how the line cast on a single hand rod. I was quite impressed with how the line flew from the rod. While not an expert two handed caster, I was able to experiment with a variety of two hand casts that proved to work well with the line.

All told, first impressions were positive. No question practice will be beneficial – must make a point of doing so this summer.