Bass season opened this past weekend.  And it was Father’s Day yesterday.   And despite spending most of Saturday cleaning the garage, we spent a wonderful evening with friends on a restaurant patio.  So all in all – a great weekend.  

Late Sunday I headed down to the river to check out one of my evening fishing spots.  Its close and usually makes for an entertaining couple hours of fishing.  

Last year was a challenge – the river was high all season long making wading difficult.  I think I fished here a total of three times last near, never reaching many of the spots I like to fish.  So a question was – what would this spot look this year?

As it turned out, river conditions were dramatically different, meaning more wadeable.  But a lot had changed over the year.  The previous season’s high water and winter runoff had changed the shape of the river reshaping and moving gravel bars significantly. 

Tonight was not the time to fully explore the new river.  But it was good to see that it was back.