It doesn’t seem to matter how many effective fly patterns I have, when I come across a new pattern I am frequently enticed to give it a try.  Often the tier has used it in a particular location for specific purposes that don’t exactly match my own.  But whether it is experience or curiosity, my mind comes up with some rationale for why it might work where I am fishing.

The guys at Fly Fish Food are located a long ways from where I do most of my fishing but I appreciate their fly tying videos and often find something that I want to try to replicate for my own purposes.  

Next weekend’s trip is to Kenauk Nature for rainbow trout and hopefully a repeat of a great weekend last October.  Before that trip I tied a few of Fly Fish Food’s Complex Twist Bugger 2 and they proved very effective on some of the larger rainbows hanging in deeper water.  They will be along for the ride again this year.

But a recent repost of Big Ben’s Brown Bugger got my attention.  Here is my poor imitation of their fine pattern.  We’ll see how it works next weekend.

Big Ben’s Brown Bugger