The plan was to head down to a spot along the river not far from home.  With the call for showers it seemed a good idea to wait until later in the afternoon to size up the storm potential.  By five or so, it looked like the rain might give our area a miss so it was time to leave.

The spot I had in mind is close so it is possible in only a few minutes.  The water is low which opens opportunities to wade in new areas and while the fish are willing they are mostly the small guys who don’t know better.

Off the cuff weather forecasting proves to be less than accurate at times but perhaps this storm will pass by to the north.

And it does.  But wait, forgot to pay attention to the next one.  And it doesn’t miss.

Sigh!  But more amateur forecasting suggests it will pass quickly.  And it does.

Going two for three on the forecasting seems pretty good.

The small, worldly inexperienced fish continue to be drawn to my flies for the next hour (rain free) before it is time to head home for dinner.