This last little while there hasn’t been as much fishing as I would have liked. Somehow the days slip by and after quite a few, one realizes that it has been a while since the rod got a workout.

But yesterday I had a chance to get out with a few friends in search of oversized bass.  And we weren’t disappointed.  We found a steady contingent of largemouth bass willing to sample the flies we offered.

The lake we were fishing has plenty of large bass which on occasion can be very obliging.  This time around they weren’t quite so obliging but the fishing was steady none the less. And that included the big ones.

Anticipating large bass, I selected a 7wt rod to start.  A couple of the guys had been there the day before and there experience was the fish were not interested in surface feeding with most fish caught down around 10-15 feet.  With this in mind, the rod was rigged with a full sink line.  I attached a black and brown wooly bugger at the working end of the line. By the end of the day I might have tied on three other flies but always returned to the black and brown.

The 7wt proved to be the right choice.  Many of them put the rod through its paces as I struggled to keep them out of the brush and weeds they seemed drawn to once hooked.

Over the course of about six hours fishing, I managed to land 15 bruisers between 16 and 20 inches in length. It was good to get out.