Last week was the traditional (at least its becoming that way) fall fly fishing trip to Kenauk.This was my fourth fall trip and it wasn’t a disappointment.  It would be hard to be disappointed at Kenauk.  The chalets are terrific, the fishing is great, and the company completely enjoyable.

This year was a new lake and chalet for our crew.  Lac Rough in the northeast sector of the “Reserve de la Petite Nation”, a 100 sq. mile, 65,000 acre protected wilderness domain granted to the first bishop of New France by the King of France in 1674.  Reports of excellent fishing from last year’s chalet residents fueled the anticipation.

Arriving Sunday morning Bob and I decided to hold off fishing Rough, instead opting to try nearby Lac L’Orignal or Moose Lake.  It is a day fishing lake with brook trout that neither of us had fished before. So after stowing our gear, we headed back down the road to Moose Lake.

The lake is shallow but provides good habitat for brook trout and it didn’t take long to find the speckles either.  In a couple hours before lunch we landed many.  Most were in the 12 inch range but a couple approached 14.  They varied in colour but a few had the spectacular fall spawn wardrobe.

Our fishing appetite for brook trout satisfied and with lunch approaching it was time to head back to Rough to see what was happening.  More tomorrow on fishing at Rough Lake.