The Palmer Chenille Bugger has become one of my favourite streamers – partly because it is quick and easy to tie but mostly because it seems to be a great attractor streamer.  The palmered chenille, sparsely tied over a red thread  (the pattern calls for orange but this batch was done with red) underbody sparkles underwater in a way that draws the fish.

Palmer Chenille Bugger

I was introduced to the fly by Paul Ricker at Float, Paddle and Fly last year and I now have a selection of colours in my fly box.  The palmered chenille produced by Wapsi comes in a variety of colours including black, rootbeer, olive, white and most recently orange.  Matched with appropriate rabbit for the tail and an oversized bead at the head and the fly is done.

Fly Tying - Chenille Bugger

My experience has been that both warm fish (smallmouth bass and crappies in particular) as well as rainbow and brook trout have found it appealing.  Paul has provideda full recipe on the Algonkin Fly Fishers website.