We got out with the float tubes on Tuesday to check out a couple lakes in the area. It was my first day in search of trout this year and it was a great to be out. On one hand, the weather was great – clear sky, little wind and warm temperatures. But I am not sure that was the greatest weather for fishing. At least that is my excuse. Other than a couple hits I was shut out on this trip.

Three of us headed up to a lake that has a history of tough fishing but also of large rainbow trout. We had the tubes on the water by mid morning which would be kind of late normally but the water temperature was still pretty low so we figured the fish would have been pretty sluggish earlier anyway. It was my first trip to this lake so I was really feeling my way around and looking for all the advice I could get.

It took a while but eventually a couple willing participants were located. This one was the first and largest. Not much energy just yet but looking in great shape.

After the brief flurry of activity things slowed down again and after stopping for lunch we decided to head to a second much smaller lake not too far away. This lake is a brook trout lake and can be fun particularly if there is any kind of hatch going on. The fish are generally small but they look great. On the water we found lots of shucks which looked promising but we tried everything and other than a couple hits, could not entice a fish to cooperate.

Not a lot of fish this time out but it was good to get out after too many months of winter.