The open water season on local lakes is getting short – over some would say. But the chance to fish Kenauk before winter sets in could not be passed up. We fished Otter Lake, a first for me. Otter Lake

The air temperature was on the cool side but it looked like the sun was going to shine and if the wind stayed down, it would be a good day. The water temp was about 5C (41F) which was better than expected. As it turned out several of the other lakes had already iced over so it was a good choice.
On the Water on a Cold Day

And the fish were cooperative too. The bite started minutes after launch and continued fairly steadily through the day.

Late Season Rainbow
There was a steady diet of rainbows in the 14-15 inch range although Bob landed one that taped out at 20 inches. While some of the hits were pretty agressive, a lot of the time the fish would bump the fly a few times before biting.

It was great to get out one more time before ice up.

Water and Ice