Sometimes the best you can manage is a few hours fishing close to home.  That was the case this weekend which was a combination of lousy weather and bathroom renovations.  When Sunday afternoon was shaping up better than forecast, I headed to a spot on the Rideau River less than 10 minutes from home. I like the spot for the closeness but also because it is generally wade-able for some distance above and below the bridge. Bridge at Andrewsville The fish are generally plentiful even if the big ones are harder to find.  Later in the evening they are but I was starting around 4pm so I took the light rod and prepared for the smaller guys.

I had decided to take my DSLR with me but when I go to the water I began to have second thoughts.  The water was higher than I had hoped and I wasn’t too anxious to get the camera wet but after sizing things up for a bit, I managed to work my way across the river upstream of the bridge to where I usually start.Smallmouth Bass

It didn’t take long to find fish.  There are a lot of smallmouth bass hanging around the rocks along side the moving water and they were quickly on to my fly.

As I worked my way downstream, the fish kept coming.  Most were less than a pound but they were energetic on a light rod.

Below the bridge as the current slowed I started to pick up other fish including rock bass, bluegills and a few pumpkin seeds along with the bass.

Rock Bass


I fished for a couple hours and for most of that time I was carefully watched but the local ospreys.  This one never moved the entire time I fished below the bridge.  I’m not sure if he was counting how many fish I caught but I released them all so he should have lots to feed himself and the family in the nest a few feet away.

Osprey Keeping Watch