I sometimes find it difficult to articulate what it is that attracts me to fly fishing but the recent issue of Eastern Fly Fishing (July/August 2009) put a smile on my face and reminded me of the fun aspect of the sport.  The magazine’s Exposure photo essays are always a pleasure but this issue in particular struck a chord.  The photo essay is shot by James Nelson a freelance photographer from Idaho Falls, Idaho.  The essay is titled “Sunfish Summer”  and features two young boys Andy and Nate Nelson (sons of James, I presume) on their quest for sunfish.  To me, the essay truly captures the simple pleasures and fun of fishing.  I can’t show pictures from the magazine essay but pick up your own copy of the magazine or go to James’ website – James Nelson / Mtn. Sports Photo and look for the gallery “Bluegill Bros.”  I think you will enjoy it too.