Somehow I managed to delete the post I put up last week……

Despite thunderstorms complete with hail throughout the afternoon, Bob and I headed out to Appleton for a bit of evening fishing.  I was on the water by 6pm and Bob joined me around 7 (after calling me on my mobile to check if I was getting drenched).  Despite periodic rain we managed to fish until about 8:30 before lightening forced us off the water.

The fishing started a bit slow but eventually we found the crappie and were getting hits pretty regularly.  The best spot was close to shore towards the last house on the right hand side from the launch.  There is a bit of a hole there were the fish seemed to congregate.  In the summer the rushes and other plants grow up so this spot is not accessible.  We lost count of the numbers but there were lots.

Here is a shot taken by Doug using his new Fuji FinePix Z33 waterproof camera.