I’m not much of a fly tier but somehow I have gotten involved in a few fly swaps.

This past fall as the trout fishing season was winding down up here in Canada, it was proposed that we have a fly swap with the theme being – Go To Trout Flies. The deal was all flies were to be tied and submitted before Christmas. With my recent success using the Mrs. Simpson fresh in my mind, I jumped in. Unfortunately, I left my tying far too close to the deadline and when I sat down to tie my batch of flies, it occurred to me that I had never actually tied one of these before – having benefited from the tying of others. The combination of time pressure and probably a more complicated fly than I was used to led to a bit of pressure. In the end the flies got tied all be it, a few days late. I can’t say I was particularly pleased with the results so this is definitely going to be a case where the trout will judge the quality of the output. I will be paying close attention to how well my fellow fly tiers find this version of the Mrs. Simpson to work in their quest for trout.