The fall fishing excursion to Kenauk is now history.  From noon Sunday to noon Wednesday a group of us had a blast fishing for rainbow trout at a lake on one of North America’s largest private fish and game reserves.  The trip was arranged for some of us from the Ottawa Flyfishers Society by John Huff of John Huff Adventures.  Several lakes on the 65,000 acre reserve have a single chalet which can be rented along with access to the lake.  Seven of us were based at Chalet Vert (Green Lake Chalet) and had the lake to fish for three fantastic days.

Weather-wise Sunday was the best day – and the fishing was great too.  After a bit of a slow start we found the fish at the mouth to one of the bays.  We spent the later part of the afternoon engaged wrestling feisty rainbow trout.

Most of the fish we caught were in the 12-14 inch range but there were enough larger ones to keep one paying attention.  Several in the 17-18 inches were caught over the three days.  Regardless of size, most were extremely energetic.

The lake is stocked with two varieties of rainbow trout.  One strain has a distinct green colour while the other is more silver.

Most of the fishing was done with sinking lines (full or intermediate) although some fish were caught on dry flies.

Did I say Sunday was the best weather day?  Monday wasn’t too bad (ie, no rain) but the wind was cool.  Regardless we were out on the lake and the fishing helped block the fact that it was cold. The gloves came out regularly but the problem was every time I got them on, a fish would strike so off the came again.

While most of our fishing was catch and release, a fish were kept including a couple that became the main ingredient of Monday’s fish chowder.

Fine food and wine worked wonders in warming everyone up.  And a good thing too because Tuesday we woke up to rain – exactly as forecast.  A great day for a leisurely breakfast but eventually the fish called again.   The weather didn’t seem to bother the fish although they seemed somewhat more tentative in their takes.  Often following the fly only to attack when it was stripped back in.

Wednesday rolled around way to quickly.  First task (after another gourmet breakfast omelet) was to pack up and then a few hours more fishing before heading home.

A beautiful location, good friends and great fishing.