Check out this map for tide information

The part of my life that pays the bills (not the fishing part) includes working with and advising people in the area of mapping and related technologies.  Today I came across a cool mapping application that shows tidal information for various locations around the world.  While there are lots of places to get tidal information, this site has an interesting interface.

From a technical standpoint (for those of you who care) some of the interesting things Lindsay Wright has built into the site include:

  • the incorporation of dynamic data (both tide and solar information) into a mashup environment
  • information rich pop up windows with user control of which data to view
  • simple user tools to modify how the data is presented
  • tools that allow users to customize the how information is presented and search tools for finding specific locations
  • nifty little location markers which at the local level show whether the tide is rising or falling and change color in accordance with the tide level

Given my inland location, I don’t get too many opportunities to fish the salt but for those of you who do, have a look at Tidespy. I’d like to hear what you think of the site.