Summer Bass Fishin

I’d like for my fishing season to be a continuous flow of activity but so far this season it has been more of the burst or intermittent variety.

I’m not sure why that is. In a recent conversation with a fishing buddy we agreed that we live in an amazing part of the world as far as access to good fishing locations is concerned. But somehow that hasn’t translated into regular outings this year. I must fix that…..

Bass season has been on us for about a month. I have managed to get out a couple times to local spots – once for smallmouth (and assorted panfish) and the second to a lake with good-sized largemouth bass.

A Not So Big Bass

Achigan Largemouth

Switch Rod Initiation

I decided to enter the two handed world. Actually I have been thinking about it for some time but finally bit the bullet this past weekend purchasing a TFO Deer Creek 7wt switch rod. After trying a few different rods I settled on the TFO based on feel, a variety of reviews by others, price and the fact that I am partial to TFO these days based on their excellent support.

Monday night I headed down to Burritt’s Rapids not far from home to give the rod its first on the water test. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Two handed casting is new to me and if anyone was watching they could probably tell. I definitely need some practice – and some instruction would help too. However, I can see the advantages.

Despite that inept casting, there were a few sympathetic fish who found their way onto my line. That included my largest smallmouth of the year.

Looking forward to more.

Ontario Family Fishing Weekend

July 10-12 was the second Ontario Family Fishing Weekend of 2009.  During family fishing weekend, Canadian residents can fish in Ontario waters without a license.  Several Canadian provinces and US states have one or two of these free fishing weekends each year with the goal to encourage non-fishers to try and hopefully adopt the sport. 

From a family perspective the emphasis is usually on encouraging younger kids to get out fishing with the parents.  This weekend I had the opportunity to take my kid fishing but he has actually moved into adulthood.  I picked up fly fishing when he was just entering his teen years and at the time it wasn’t of much interest to him.  This has changed recently and so the free fishing weekend provided an opportunity for him to pick up the fly rod for a bit.

We picked a local spot where I knew it was possible for us to wet wade in relative comfort so as to keep the equipment requirements to a minimum.  The choice was a spot on the Rideau River pretty much in the centre of Ottawa where I had fished before and had success with some decent sized smallmouth bass.DSC_5943-1

While Matt has handled a fly rod a few times before, it had been a while since the last time.  However he picked it up quickly and after a bit of searching we managed to locate some cooperative bass.  They weren’t large but that really wasn’t the point.  It was a lot of fun to be out with my adult son sharing something I enjoy with him and seeing him have a good time doing it.  Perhaps it is time to graduate from the free weekends to a more regular partnership.