Thanks TFO!

Its been an up and down spring and early summer as far as fishing goes.

One of the downs occurred three weeks ago when I broke my TFO Axiom rod in three places destroying the top two sections of the rod. A major up arrived today in the form of two replacement pieces courtesy of TFO.

I know several people have vouched for their warranty support but I would like to echo them in saying a big thanks to Temple Forks Outfitters! Much appreciated!

Kudos to Redington and Greendrake


I have a 3wt Redington Wayfarer fly rod.

It is a light 6 piece rod that fits compactly in an 18 inch case – perfect for travelling.

This spring while on a weekend trip to the Adirondacks I went to string up my rod and the tip broke off a few inches from the end.  I suspect the cause goes back to the previous fall when I was fishing some heavier streamers with it (not exactly the use case for which the rod was intended) and might have nicked the top section.

At any rate, the rod was out of commission at the beginning of the trout season – not good.

But with the help of Greendrake Outfitters, my local fly shop and Redington/Sage, the rod has been replaced.  This would be appreciated under any circumstances but particularly so as I understand this rod is now discontinued.  I have been know to complain about customer service in the past but in this case, I give credit where credit is due.

So, thanks guys for looking helping me.  I promise no more weighty streamers!