Photo Tips – Use Your Camera’s Flash

Tweet I enjoy photography and generally try to combine it with my fishing.  My photos are mainly for my enjoyment but even so, I have learned that there are simple techniques I can use to improve the quality of my photos. I thought I would share some of them on a semi regular basis. If […]

Fall Colors

Tweet The fishing season is coming to an end up here but the transition through autumn is pretty spectacular. On Canadian Thanksgiving Donna and I headed out for a drive. Strangely we happened to pass by some of my favorite fishing spots. These shots were taken along the Mississippi River (the Canadian version). Besides the […]

Winter Beauty

Tweet Not much going on in the fishing department and yesterday’s freezing rain didn’t help but the by product made for some beautiful sights as the sun went down. Here are a few images from the backyard. Sparkling Branches Against the Evening Sky Icy Branch Frozen Left Overs

Favorite Outdoor Places – Where to Start?

Tweet What better to think about in the middle of winter while one anticipates the arrival of the new fishing season – my favorite places. That was the prompt this week from the Outdoor Blogger Network.  Sounds like a great idea and it got me thinking.  Interestingly, searching for a photo or two brought me […]

Fly Fishing, Cameras and Dust

Tweet I enjoy fly fishing and I enjoy photography and frequently enjoy them together.  Some of the time that involves bringing my digital SLR along with me. One of the keys to good fishing pictures is keeping the camera lens clean which is pretty straightforward although having a camera around water does pose some challenges. […]

Cold Feet

Tweet Cold Feet, originally uploaded by wimzilver. After a mild autumn winter has arrived in our part of the world. Today we have freezing rain which is less desirable that cold in my books. I came across this image on flickr this morning and I could relate.

Just Out – Catch Magazine

Tweet The November issue of Catch Magazine came out yesterday. The e-magazine bills itself as the “Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography and Film” and if you haven’t seen past issues I recommend you check this one out. This issue covers a pretty wide swath of fishing but I would have to say my favorite […]

The Essence of Fly Fishing

Tweet I sometimes find it difficult to articulate what it is that attracts me to fly fishing but the recent issue of Eastern Fly Fishing (July/August 2009) put a smile on my face and reminded me of the fun aspect of the sport.  The magazine’s Exposure photo essays are always a pleasure but this issue […]