Goodbye to A Friend

Tweet Last week a good friend succumbed to cancer. Though there was nothing formal Brian was an important fly fishing mentor to me. I met him a number of years ago not long after we had moved to Ottawa. I was relatively new to fly fishing and knew even less about local fishing spots.   […]

Google Knows!

Tweet He may have had strange symptoms but I had a good laugh over this one from my friend Eric. Thanks man.

Winter Reading – A Growing Choice of Fly Fishing E-Zines

Tweet The sad reality in this neck of the woods is that local fly fishing is severely compromised at this time of year.   In some cases the season for legal fishing has closed or is close to being so. Even where it remains open, cold and ice are a major deterrent.  While steelhead are a […]

Project Noble Fish

Tweet For most fly fishers catch and release is a at least a common practice and for many it is done almost exclusively.  So some of the questions that arise are how to best handle fish so that upon release they have the best chance to recover quickly and ultimately what are their chances for survival? Chicago […]

MapSherpa – Custom Mapping at Your Fingertips

Tweet You want to check out MapSherpa an interesting web application that allows you to create custom maps that can be printed and taken with you on your fishing trip. Ok, if this seems like a commercial, I guess it is – and in the interest of full disclosure, I have been working as a […]

And Now for the Weather ……

Tweet That most significant annual tradition – Groundhog Day is almost upon us.   From Wiarton Willie (and Wee Willie his successor) up here in Canada to the famous Punxsutawney Phil all eyes will be upon a wide assortment of  furry creatures who will make their wintery predictions next Tuesday. With all due respect to those […]

Isaac Hayes – You Need a Ukelele

Tweet This doesn’t have anything to do with fishing but I thought it was pretty entertaining.