Manitoba Parkland – Back Again

Its hard to stay away. The fishing is too enticing. Before our trip this past spring there were no plans for a return but a fairly short discussion led to a few of us committing to a fall trip.

It began September 19 with our flight from Ottawa to Winnipeg. By the time we landed, picked up our rental van and drove to Shoal Lake it was lunch time and by the time we got to Patterson Lake (including a return trip to the Shoal Lake Inn to pick up the flippers I forgot) we had time for a few hours fishing.

I was greeted by a very nice brown trout only moments from the launch. The picture doesn’t do it justice but it is a bit difficult to get a great shot of a thrashing trout in one’s net while sitting in a float tube.

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How did you guys do? I was out this last weekend and caught a number of fish in the 16-17″ range. Had a hard time finding the big boys.

Greetings from Manitoba. Nice site.


Hi Joel,

Thanks for checking out the site. We fished Thursday afternoon through Monday morning and did pretty good. We found some big guys at Patterson in the vegetation along the shore. The last couple days we drove up to Roblin and had really good luck on West Goose, including some really big fish. I’ll have another post up shortly with a few more pics.

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